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Sofia Boyden - Singer and Performing Artist - Seattle TacomaSofia Boyden - Singer songwriter and vocal artist, who performs in the Seattle Tacoma area.

I began singing around the age of three, and became serious about a singing career when I was seven years old. Singing lessons began when I wanted to pursue my dream as a singer.

After a few years, I competed in a talent competition for singers, actors and dancers. It was called THE (pronounced "tay") meaning The Hollywood Experience. I received 4 callbacks for singing, which made me even more determined.

The year after that, I met with the founder of a major entertainment corporation. This meeting gave me a boost to do more with my singing, such as writing songs and learning an instrument, all which later led me to songwriting and playing guitar.

In 2014, I had again entered another competition in Los Angeles called IMTA (International Models and Talent Association). Not only did I compete in singing, but acting as well. At the end of the week long competition, I received 9 callbacks.

When I'm performing at my competitions, the stage is where I give everything I've got and more. I want to show people where I'm meant to be, on stage.

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Sofia Boyden performing artist
Sofia Boyden
Singer Songwriter and Performing Artist
Gig Harbor, WA
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