Sofia Boyden - Singer Songwriter and Performing Artist, Gig Harbor, WA

Sofia Boyden - Singer songwriter, performing artist from Seattle TacomaMy name is Sofia Boyden, and I love to sing. I've been singing ever since I was three years old in the back seat of the car singing along to Toddler Tunes. For me, singing is an escape from reality. It takes me to a whole other world, and I got lost in the lyrics I feel as I'm singing.

My biggest influence is Stevie Wonder. He directs me in a way that makes me look at the positive in everything. His lyrics are rich in his feelings and very pictorial.

My Music
With that, I also want people who listen to my music and to feel something. I hope they feel creative and alive with the words I put into my songs. My songs will give a way of explaining a feeling that is indescribable to someone else. I hope people will turn to my music when searching for sensation to give away. I want my songs to one day make their way out my house and into the world for everyone to hear.

Audio Recording: Miranda Lambert's
The House That Built Me - Sung by Sofia Boyden

Recorded at The Barn in Olalla May 2012

Sofia Boyden, Singer and Performing Artist

Sofia Boyden performs at the Live Out Loud Concert 2013
Featuring original songs written and sung by Sofia: The Traveling Song & Love Denied.
Performed at the Pantages Theater in Tacoma and Moonfest

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Sofia Boyden performing artist
Sofia Boyden
Singer Songwriter and Performing Artist
Gig Harbor, WA
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